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Animated adventure set in the far future, after a war with deadly machines has wiped out the human race. A sentient ragdoll comes into existence in this nightmarish world, and urges a group of similar creatures to rise up against their mechanical enemies.

"Not to be confused with the similarly numbered 2009 musical starring Daniel Day-Lewis, this dark, charmingly grungy (and relatively brief) feature film is set in a post-apocalypse future when a group of small burlap automatons - numbered 1 to 9 and all with distinct personalities - attempt to survive on an Earth destroyed by machines. Director Shane Acker has expanded his own original 11-minute short to produce a dystopian animated adventure that may be a bit scary for younger viewers, but is nevertheless blessed with quality vocal performances from Christopher Plummer, John C Reilly and Elijah Wood as neophyte rebel leader 9. Shot through with the unmistakeable signature touches of co-producers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch), Acker's beautifully made debut feature is an ethereal, otherworldly look at the dangers of warfare and technology that is imaginative and melancholy but ultimately heart-warming." - Radio Times Review