chiller / supernaturalfantasy / surreal

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A couple of home-loving ghosts need to be rid of a group of pretentious, trendsetting humans, who have taken over their house and made 'living' extremely difficult. They enlist the aid of a bio-exorcist in the hope that he can frightened the unwanted guests away....

"This refreshingly flaky fantasy from director Tim Burton is a landmark supernatural comedy that ingeniously showcases monstrously zany special effects, demonic one-liners and offbeat performances. Michael Keaton is amazing as the unstable freelance exorcist called in to help recently deceased Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin rid their new home of human pests. Burton's marvellously imaginative view of the afterlife as a ghoulish extension of mundane earthbound problems is a visionary masterstroke crammed with wit and invention." - Radio Times Review