The Cave

horror / cult

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In the ruins of a 13th Century Abbey, a group of scientists discover a series of underground caves. A group of divers are called in to investigate the caves but run into the unimaginable... a species not encountered before.

"You'll be yawning as much as the caverns at this horror from first-time director Bruce Hunt. Unlike Neil Marshall's excellent subterranean shocker The Descent, this formulaic monster B-movie is stripped of true visceral verve by a dumbed-down script and the limitations of its 12A certificate. When a group of cave divers explore an uncharted area in the Carpathian mountains, they are trapped by an underwater cave-in and soon become the prey of a pack of bloodthirsty creatures. With a bit of The Abyss here, a little Jaws there and the beasties a cross between something out of Pitch Black and Alien, there's little originality in Hunt's visual arsenal, although the underwater photography is decent enough. The trouble is that the ghouls are kept hidden by a flurry of blurry edits to hide their CGI banality, while the C-list cast can barely keep up with the limited excitement generated by this chill-free black hole." - Radio Times Review