The Craft

horror / cult

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Four girls meet up in St. Benedict's Academy in L.A. but are never part of the in-crowd. They begin to dabble in the strange world of witchcraft and the occult and develop unusual powers...

"In this engaging teen version of The Witches of Eastwick, four schoolfriends discover that sorcery is a real help when it comes to relationship problems and dealing with their various physical and emotional worries — until one of them seeks real power, that is. The attractive cast of stars-to-be (including Scream's Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich) makes skilful use of plausible characters and a smart script that puts a sinister spin on female bonding. The glossy style and neat visual effects combine with a few genuinely creepy moments to lift this above the average genre fare, though the full-on sorcery showdown belongs in another movie." - Radio Times Review