Disturbing Behaviour


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Cradle Bay is a success story for teenagers as there are no driving accidents, no drug overdoses and no suicides. However, new kid on the block, Steve, sets about changing all of that...

"Bad kids in a small town are turning good after undergoing experimental psychological treatment in this tepid teen variation on The Stepford Wives. Trouble is, they turn homicidal when sexually aroused, and it seems high school student James Marsden is the only one to notice. Director David Nutter brings some of his trademark X-Files moodiness to the material, but he can't seem to decide what sort of film he's making. A statement about individuality versus conformity? Or just another run-of-the-mill slash-fest? Sadly, the latter concept takes hold as the plot-holes become ever more glaring, and any hopes that this might turn out to be a smart, paranoid conspiracy thriller are slowly dashed." - Radio Times Review