End Of Days


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Jericho Cane is an ex-cop who finds himself in a terrifying struggle between the human incarnation of evil and an innocent young woman. Only Jericho can save the girl and, ultimately, mankind...

"This millennium's-end action movie is a calculated but fairly enjoyable attempt to give Arnold Schwarzenegger a less indestructible, more human side, and cash in on the revitalised horror genre. While Arnie's amateurish emoting never rings true in the role of a run-down, suicidal, alcoholic ex-cop, the “Devil searching for his bride” story provides some decent popcorn entertainment. Gabriel Byrne, meanwhile, rises above the clumsily structured and wholly derivative script to give an attention-grabbing performance as a very laid-back Prince of Darkness. (The scene in which he seductively bribes Arnold with the chance of a new start is a cracker.) It should have been sharper and scarier, but the final half-hour excitingly delivers the demonic goods." - Radio Times Review