Fight Club

fantasy / surreal

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A man who has no family sets up a new club where men can come together and relieve themselves of their pent-up aggression.

"Chuck Palahniuk's bestseller is boldly brought to the screen here by Se7en director David Fincher. The result is a shocking, provocative and highly amusing macho fantasy, as insomniac loser Edward Norton teams up with seditionary soap salesman Brad Pitt to form a no-holds-barred fight club as an outlet for their directionless aggression. The growing cult's Project Mayhem takes subversive vandalism into the outside world with a series of ludicrous acts of sabotage. Fincher's satirical fable brilliantly plays with cinematic conventions and climaxes with a shock twist. This charged slice of nihilistic angst is a mesmerising ride through the 1990s male psyche, aided by elaborate production design, unconventional editing, startling images and superlative acting from the leads. You'll either love it or hate it." - Radio Times Review