From Hell

horror / cult

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Set in London during 1888, this is the story of Inspector Fred Abberline who is on the hunt for Jack The Ripper. As Fred gets nearer to uncovering the truth he becomes deeply involved with the case.

"Given the intricacy of Alan Moore's graphic novel From Hell, it's no surprise that Menace II Society directors Allen and Albert Hughes have focused solely on the elements concerning Jack the Ripper for their celluloid adaptation of the book. After all, Victorian London's most infamous denizen continues to morbidly fascinate the serial killer-obsessed public, particularly as he was never caught. Despite the gruesome nature of the Ripper's crimes, the Hughes brothers resist the temptation to produce merely a blood-drenched whodunnit; this is a meticulous, gripping chiller that captivates on many levels. On the one hand, it's painstakingly crafted social history that captures the grime, grit and prejudices of a thoroughly hypocritical era. On the other, it's a grisly and horribly believable tale of greed, revenge and lunacy in which gore is only part of the film's pervading horror. Ultimately, and refreshingly, the plot is strong enough to contextualise the violence. Combined with the hypnotic camerawork and inspired performances, particularly from Ian Holm as respected physician Sir William Gull, this ensures that the movie is both visually and intellectually engaging. The one flaw is in the casting of Heather Graham as potential victim Mary Kelly, whose unblemished beauty and ever-changing accent strike the only hollow notes." - Radio Times Review